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Hello, my name is Robert

I am the founder of the Jakob company. If you would like to develop your company by working with us and selling our products, then you are in a good place! All you have to do is fill in the contact form or send an e-mail directly to: In the message, describe what interests you most so that I can prepare an initial offer. Leave your contact details, such as phone number and email, and I will contact you immediately!

We will arrange a meeting in our Showroom so that you can: see, touch and compare all our products. Together, we will choose such a collection that will not only satisfy your customers, but will also let you dynamically develop your business based on our high quality products!

You do not have to be a big corporation – it’s important that you convey the spirit of our family brand. This is the value that matters most to us! I am waiting for a message from you, to hear!

– Contakt –

Jakob! Showroom – Wholesale ul. Płowiecka 51, 04-501 Warsaw

+48 502-111-989
+48 502-111-989


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